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Loft Insulation

Did you know having loft insulation installed can save you up to £250 per year?

We can install loft insulation before completing any loft boarding work. You may even be able to get it installed FREE with a government grant or at least with a minimal contribution. We will let you know at the survey

We do not recommend boarding the entire loft space as this can lead to problems with condensation and damp.

Our surveyor will recommend the ideal storage space during your FREE Loft Boarding Survey

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Boarding Area

We recommend only installing loft boarding in the central or highest points of the loft.


if you install loft boarding along the entire loft floor there is potential for damage through condensation and damp due to restricted ventilation.

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All About Your Loft

Regain up to 50% of your Home's Floor Space!


Your loft takes up a third of the floor space within your house and is a very valuable commodity. Most of us however see the loft as a dark and dingy place that we don’t want to go into. By having your loft boarded, a loft ladder fitted for easy access, and a loft light fitted you can turn your loft from that dark inaccessible hole into a useful loft storage space.


Instaloft can provide loft boarding in all types of loft both new and old.  We always carry out a full survey prior to carrying out any work. We have to consider a number of things before commencing the installation of any loft boarding or loft ladders.


Loft Ladders


We need to work out the height of your ceiling. We do this by measuring from floor to floor and this allows us to determine the length of the loft ladder needed for your loft access. Ladders differ in sizes and it important that we provide the right sized loft ladder for your property.


Loft Hatch


There are many sizes and styles of loft hatches and these have changed over the years. Pre 1900-1920 homes may not even have had a loft hatch at all as there was rarely any need to use the loft for storage, let alone board the loft. Later loft hatches were very small, in some cases the loft hatch may only have been the size of an A4 paper.


We therefore measure the loft hatch to ensure it is of a reasonable and accessible size. This is ensures your loft hatch is big enough for you, your loft ladder, and the items you carry up into the loft to fit through.


Height of the Loft


The height of your loft itself is important for a couple of reasons. If you are having a loft ladder installed we need to ensure there is enough room for the loft ladder to be stored above the loft entrance. Likewise we also want to make sure the loft height is enough for you to move around in comfortable without banging your head.


Ceiling Joists


We need to ensure that your ceiling joists are adequate for loft boarding. We will measure the joists to determine this and if we find that not adequate we will recommend strengthening the existing joists by fitting in new cross supports on top. This is called a loft subframe and allows the additional weight to be supported more evenly. This is very important as the house was built with joists to support the ceiling and not for walking on or storing your belongings despite the fact that 86% of people use the loft for storage.


Once We have all of this crucial information we can then prepare a quotation based upon your particular loft boarding or loft ladder installation.


How Much of my Loft Should I have Boarded?


We generally only install loft boards and loft flooring in the areas of your loft that are easily and safely accessible. This means that they can be accessed by either standing or walking. By doing this your main loft storage area is kept within the highest points inside your loft which is certainly the most practical.


We DO NOT recommend boarding all of your loft when having loft boarding installed. While we know this is common place with some installers and joiners it can have adverse effects on your property. In our experience as approved loft Insulation installers we have had a lot of experience with lofts that have been boarded directly onto the joists and the problems that have arisen as a result esepcially if the insulation has been squashed into place.


Boarding the whole loft space drastically reduces the air flow within the loft space. As a result of this condensation can build up and cause problems with damp. If your insulation gets damp it will stop working and the weight and water will cause damage to your ceiling beneath. If the wooden joists get damp… well needless to say it may cost thousands to repair the damage that damp can cause.


To avoid these problems we install the Raised Floor Loft Boarding usually in the central area of the loft which allows the air flow from the eaves the continue throughout the loft and under the loft flooring so that problems with damp or condensation do not occur.


This also avoids any unnecessary expense from putting loft boarding down in places that you cannot really use as loft storage due to the low height. We can however install loft shelves into your trusses where possible giving you added loft storage without compromising your ventilation. 


Boarded Loft, Board out a loft, Loft Boarding area Diagram showing typical installed area of loft boarding


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