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We Install The Ultimate Loft Boarding System!

Instaloft LTD are the leading installer of the award winning Loftzone Raised Loft Boarding system in the Midlands. As an approved loftzone installer you can be sure all of our install teams are fully trained to bring you the best possible solution to boarding your loft for storage.

Raised Loft Boarding for insulated homes The Ultimate Loft Storage System!


Our Loftzone Raised Loft Flooring:


  • Provides a Strong Safe Loft Storage Area
  • Strengthens the Existings Joists
  • Protects your essential loft Insulation
  • Protects your wiring and pipework
  • The Loft Boards are raised ABOVE your loft insulation and are strong enough to walk around on!

What is the Loftzone Raised Loft Boarding Product?


The Loftzone Raised Loft Boarding system is a unique, patent pending loft boarding system designed specifically to allow loft boarding over insulation. It can be used to create a safe deck for loft storage or to create a loft access walkway for workman that may need access to your pipework, boiler, solar panel equipment etc.

Strong and Safe Loft Boarding


The Loftzone loft boarding system is comprised of raising supports made from extremely strong engineering grade plastic and aluminium cross beams. As you can imagine this creates a very strong and safe platform in your loft that passes the British Standard 6399-1:1996 for minimum imposed floor load requirements.


It is the ONLY loft boarding system available to carry parts with the CE kitemark for

British Standards.

Protecting your Loft Insulation- saving your money!


Instaloft are one of the few loft boarding companies that place real value on your property and your insulation. We understand loft insulation better than most as we have been involved with it for many years as installers.


Squashing your insulation stops it from working! thats a fact. It reduces it's efficiency by up to 50% this ultimately ends up costing you money because it increases your heat loss and therefore raises your energy bills.


Our Raised Loft Boarding System means that the loft boards are installed ABOVE the level of your loft insulation, protecting not just the insulation but also any pipework and wiring too. In addition you get to maintain the savings made from your loft insulation and keep a warmer home.

Can't I just put all my stuff on top of the loft Insulation?


No! Your loft insulation is an essential part of saving you money on your energy costs. If you squash it down by placing your stuff on top of it you will stop it from working. This means higher energy costs for you and of course... a colder house.

loft boarding over insulation instead of squashing insulation Researched by the National Physical Laboratory

I've had my loft insulation installed and now I can't get safely in my loft... What can I do?


Loft Insulation installed to current recommended levels (270mm) can be hazardous. As a general rule the installer will staple a DANGER sign in the loft warning you not to enter once the insulation has been installed. However it is still very dangerous to move around as you will have no way to see where the joists are and this could result in a serious accident if you were to fall through.


Our amazing Loft Boarding system provides a Strong Safe Storage or Access Platform above the insulation allowing you to move around safely in your loft after the insulation has been installed.

I've seen a really cheap loft boarding deal from another company- wont that be better for me?


This is a question we see time and time again. There are plenty of handymen and "companies" offering loft boarding services and some are at very cheap prices. However these offers are not always what they seem and may cost your far more in the long term than it would if you just had the job installed properly by an approved installer.


1. Loft Boarding Directly onto the joists


We often hear from our customers about other quotes they have received. Many of the cheap offers we've seen only include boarding directly onto your joists. These are often offered by handymen, odd job men and some companies too.

  • Boarding directly onto the joists can cause interstitial condensation and damp!
  • Often the installer will tell you its ok to squash your insulation down under the boards
    • This reduces the energy efficiency of the insulation and costs you far more long term
    • It put pressure on the ceiling below often resulting in cracks
    • the lack of air flow above the insulation can also cause damp problems. there should be at least 50mm space aove the insulation to allow it to breathe properly.
  • Pipework and wiring will be in the way of the boards- the installer might start cutting notches into all of your joists to make way for them thus weakening the joist structure.
  • The installer may tell you he will just move the insulation to the sides of the loft.
    • Removal of insulation means much higher energy costs due to your heat escaping
    • blocking the eaves by piling insulation up at the sides blocks the airlow from them and once again results in condensation and damp.


2. Loft Boarding using a timber sub-frame.


This is the next step up and is a little more professional than boarding directly onto joists. This involves using a timber subframe to raise the boards up to accomodate wiring and pipework. In general the installer will use 2x4 timber. This is fine if you only have insulation level with your existing joists and have no intention of saving more money by insulating fully.

  • Timber subframes raise the flooring sufficiently to protect wiring and pipework
  • Suitable for lofts where the existing insulation is level with (or 1" over) the joists.
  • Best suited to low pitch roofs
  • NOT suitable for properties that have been properly insulated!


Be careful of any installer telling you that the timber subframe is fine for you if you have lots of insulation. The only way they can install a timber subframe using 2x4 timber is by squashing the full insulation down. As previously noted this causes damp, puts pressure on your celing and costs you money long term.

Don't take chances with your Home!


Use a Professional Approved Loft Boarding Installer


Remember we offer:


  • An award winning loft boarding system
  • A 5 Star Rated Service
  • Fully approved and professional installations
  • Fully Trained and Fully Insured Installers.
  • 5 Yr Guarantee
  • Excellent After Sales Service
  • No Up-front Deposits
  • Payment by Credit/Debit card if required.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee







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