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Loft Hatches and Loft Access Doors

If you are having a Loft Ladder installed you will always need to have a hinged loft hatch door. Many traditional loft hatches have a "push up" loft door that you have to then move to one side carefully. Once a ladder is installed it sits above the loft entrance meaning that there is no way to push the old style loft door upwards. As a result we need to install a loft access with a hinged downwards opening door.



Loft Hatch Replacement

Straight replacement in existing loft opening


Only £99

 Loft Hatch Enlargement 

Small Loft Hatches Enlarged to standard sizes


Only £180

New Hatch in New Room

New Loft Hatch built into a different room in the house


Only £230

Professional and Quality Loft Access Installation


Many Loft Ladder installers will simply install a cut piece of wood or MDF with a couple of hinges in place of your loft door. While this is most certainly a cheaper option it is by no means the best option for you long term. They are generally unsealed, not insulated correctly (if at all) and have not met any of the standards expected from the industry. An uninsulated loft door will act as a funnel for all of your heat to escape though. This heat loss ultimately ends up costing you more money than gettign the job done properly in the first place. Do you really want a substandard installation carried out in your home which is probably your most valuable asset?


At Instaloft we pride ourselves on our top rated service. As such we will only fit loft hatches and loft access doors that meet strict requirements. All of our loft hatches are chosen to comply with the following standards:


Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000

Satisfy all NHBC Requirements

Comply with Building Regulations Document L1A & L2A (2006 Edition)

Meet ALL Relevant British Standards

Straight Replacement Loft Hatches


We can install a straight replacement Energy Efficient Loft Hatch to your existing opening with minimal fuss or disruption. In order to have a straight replacement your opening size, when measured joist to joist (the wood surrounding) must measure as follows:


Manufacturer Opening Size
Manthorpe 726mm x 562mm


717mm x 555mm
Timloc 662mm x 562mm


Loft Hatch Enlargement


If your loft hatch does not meet the above standard size requirements because it is too small then we can carry our some structural work in order to enlarge your existing loft hatch. All loft hatch enlargements include the installation of one of the above loft hatches into the new opening.


We often come across hatches that are so small a person can barely fit through. See the example below.


Small Loft Hatch needs Enlarging Tiny Loft Hatch before Enlargement. You could just get your head and one shoulder through.
Enlarged Loft Entrance The Same Hatch After being Enlarged and fitted with a Manthorpe Loft Hatch

New Loft Entrance Built into a New Location


If your existing Loft Opening is not in a suitable or convenient location then e can build you New Loft Entrance in another room in your home. This is often the case in older houses where the access is situated above the stairs or right up against a wall.


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